Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

Well in short once again it was hard to leave our wonderful host families this morning from the Springwood club. Laurie, Beverly, and Nyree Waterson were beautiful hosts and an outstanding family. They made my stay quite nice. We had a wonderful golf outing and Nyree introduced me to the world of Nintendo Wii. Certainly a lot of fun. I got over my cold while there and am looking forward to an illness free remainder of our trip. The barbeque hosted for us last night was quite special and Aunt Betty used it as an additonal vocational day to work on her nursing skills. She is quite professional in that respect.

After a quick change to the Penrith club we proceeded out in to the country side to visit a wonderful inn and pub said to be the oldest in New South Wales. We had a relaxing afternoon there surrounded by visitors and antique cars. We have been blessed by such great weather it is amazing.

We are all looking forward to our time in Penrith after a good nights rest.

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