Thursday, March 13, 2008

Vet visits

Doc Steve and I were lucky enough to visit two affiliated vet hospitals today, one in Faulconbridge and one in Winmalee.

Dr. Blake Britton and Dr. Russell Bassett shared their very progressive hospitals with us. It was actually amazing to see how similar small animal practice is, much of the same lab equipment, drugs, and infectious diseases. But certainly no poisonous snakebite cases in our area! Their fridges are stocked with antivenom for the deadly tiger, brown and black snakes which are common in the area.

Russell is from South Africa and interestingly enough is a classmate of the veterinarian I will be taking a wildlife immobilization course with this summer at Kruger National Park! What a small world!

Cheers for now! :) Mina

(By the way, there are two adorable kittens for adoption at the Winmalee hospital!)

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Sue said...

Hellooo Mina!

We sure miss you, but are glad to read that y'all are having a good time.

No more snow here in northern Mass. which is good-we already have 12' on the ground. Spring is 3/20 (Thursday) and we'll be happy to see it arrive. 38 degrees and dismal today.

You can leave the poisonous snakes there, but we would like a little Koala to play with, if you can manage it.

Have fun during the rest of your time there, and we'll see you soon.

With love,
Gretchen, Cricket, Mitzi, Mimi