Sunday, March 16, 2008

Another Great Day

Saturday was a day that was not as tightly scheduled, which was nice that most of us did separate activities with our host families. Bob and Jan and I made a brief stop at the Rotary Market put on by our friends at the Lower Blue Mountain Rotary Club. Kate and Lynda were also there as well as several of our friends in the RC.

In the afternoon, Bob Templeman hosted a golf outing to Springwood Golf Course for Pete, Laurie Waterson and his daughter Nyree, and myself. It was a great afternoon (quite hot for us New England types). If getting the highest score is good then I did well...

In the evening we met at Colin and Marilyn Kenney's beautiful home for a farewell barbeque. We had a very nice evening with the five host couples (Laurie and Bev Waterson, Bob and Jan Templeman, Colin and Marilyn Kenney, Peter and Lynda Sparkes, and David and Su Manzi) and Ivan and Marilyn Fedor.

Now it is Sunday. We had to say good-bye to our friends in Springwood and we are off to new adventures with the Penrith club. We have a quiet day here with my hosts Albert and Merle Blatch. In fact, I enjoyed close to a two hour nap!

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Deb said...


We miss you! We really like the look of the birds.

Jazzy, Zephyr, Meringue, and Dexter