Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So Far, So Good

We haven't even left yet, and GSE has already been a good experience.

I've just returned from having lunch with my high school tennis coach, a woman I haven't seen since I was 17. It was surprisingly easy to meet again as adults, and we talked for nearly two hours. The reason for this reunion? She read the article about my going to Australia, and she had just visited there in the fall, so she got in touch. It turns out she spent her senior year of high school as an exchange student - through Rotary - in Australia, about 150 miles west of Melbourne. She told me about the changes in the decades since she studied there, and her recent adventures, which included a reunion with quite a few of her classmates.

So, in addition to opening doors ahead of us and exploring the unknown, GSE is inviting the past in, too.

So many adventures await.

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