Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh, Happy Day...

This was an unusual Easter! I wandered out for breakfast to find a chocolate bilby and a little fuzzy chick, which Phil and Nerrie had set out for me. At 8:30, Anthea and Jarrod arrived to pick me up for a day at their 25 acre farm in Wallacia, about 20 minutes away. I met them soon after arriving in Australia, at our first presentation, and it didn't take long for horses to enter the conversation, and before I knew it, things had been arranged for me to go for a horse ride - the day had come!

That's Magic in the photo, and he was a good, energetic boy on our 2 hour romp through Rossmoore, a great place riddled with riding trails. We cantered along for ages at a time, kookaburra birds singing in the background, and Phil and Nerrie said the grin on my face when I returned was ear to ear. Oh, snow, go away at home and let the grass grow so we can get out and run around!

Anthea was very kind to let a strange American ride her show horse, and we've made plans to meet again in 2010 when they come to the US for the horse games in Kentucky.

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